Nudging our way
out of the plastic soup

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The Plastic Soup Nudge Unit

Although the industries in which plastics are produced are responsible as well, human behavior is an important cause of plastic pollution in our oceans. To solve this problem completely, we need to focus (among other things) on changing this behavior. Therefore, a group of passionate behavior change experts founded the Plastic Soup Nudge Unit in 2020.

In several different area's, organisation have been working on a solution for the problem. You can think of The Ocean Cleanup for cleaning up our oceans and rivers, or the awareness campaigns run by the Plastic Soup Foundation. About 95 - 99% of our behavior is automatic or unconscious. We use that knowledge by applying behavioral insights and nudging techniques.

Behavior change is an incredibly important aspect to make progress in solving the plastic soup problem, that hasn't had enough of our attention so far. People need to change their behavior, because if we don't use plastics or at least recycle them correctly, nothing will end up in the oceans.

With the Plastic Soup Nudge Unit, we want to plastic free consumption the global default maken.

The Plastic Soup Nudge Unit has one ultimate goal: not a single piece of plastic in our oceans.

Our vision is that in order to do that, we need to start at the source: reducing the overall consumption of plastics. Because if we use less plastic, there is less plastic to end up in our oceans. That's why we help organisations to influence consumers to switch to plastic free or reusable alternatives. 

However, that alone won't be enough. We can't fully discard plastics, especially not at once. Luckily, there are more routes to a clean and plastic free ocean. For example by preventing litter and stimulating reuse, where behavior change plays an important part as well. 

Our services

The Plastic Soup Nudge Unit makes behavioral insights applicable in practice and helps you to influence potential clients in making the switch to plastic free products and services. We do this by:



We look at the positioning of and communication about your product or service from a behavioral perspective. This will provide you with advice on how to optimize your marketing and communication for behavior change, based on unconscious decision-making. From nudging to Cialdini's principles of influence and the knowledge we have about cognitive biases.


Do you want to learn about the psychology behind switching to plastic free? About how that behavior change comes about en how you influence it? We share our knowledge with you during a lecture or workshop, where we focus on the important drivers of sustainable behavior and the application of these drivers to your case.

About us

Behind this initiative are two consultancies with a shared mission. Behavioral Insights Company and Wavy join forces and experience for maximum quality. To solve the plastic soup problem, cooperation is needed. That is why we invite everyone who is battling plastic pollution to join us in the journey towards plastic free consumption. 



Behavioral Insights Company

Behavior change expert, from Rotterdam, ocean lover. Would have preferred to have solved the plastic soup problem yesterday.




Behavior change expert, entrepreneur, from Nijmegen. Would love to live underwater if possible, on the condition that it's plastic free of course.

Want to collaborate?

Do you want to know how you change your target group's behavior towards plastic free living? Or are you working on a similar project that could use a behavioral point of view? We would love to think along with you. Please email us or give us a call, so we can discuss the possibilities.


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